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Hello wise ones.  So I am trying to use an image with selectable regions and I can't seem to get the coding to work.  You can view my test page here:  Test Page

Here is the code I am using:

<img src=""; width="700" height="490" alt="Big Nav Buttons A"

<map name="bignavbuttons">
<area alt="rect" coords="17,3,164,477" href=""; alt="Themes & Threats">

<area alt="rect" coords="191,4,339,477" href=""; alt="Movers and Shakers">

<area alt="rect" coords="363,2,512,477" href=""; alt="Status Quo">

<area alt="rect" coords="538,3,685,478" href=""; alt="Groups and Organizations">


I want the different areas with the titles to be selectable and I will have overlays of sigils as you mouse over. But that is something for later.  For now I just can't figure out why only the first set of Coordinates I set up is selectable.  

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