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Hey there,

A bit about me. I am an almost 40 something husband and father living in California. I played DnD briefly in college and have gotten back into it in the past year. I have been playing 3.5E with a local group on weekdays, ran a short 5E campaign (along with a few One Shots) on Roll20 and joined another 5E campaign as well. I want to try running a longer campaign using the PF system since, while I like 5E (great system!), I miss the tactical movement and mini focused combat of 3rd Edition.

I am really interested in running the Iron Gods adventure path (check out the Player’s Guide). The game will use assorted Variant and house rules ( ).

Roll20 doesn’t have very good tools available for PF; so I will be running this on Maptool (I also prefer how Maptool does Fog of War). I am still familiarizing myself with the software and reading up on the adventure path, so it may be some time before we get started.

Games would most likely be every other week on Sunday evenings (PST) and run for 5 hours or so. On rare occasions, we may be able to reschedule the game to a Saturday or Monday. I am really looking for consistency – especially since this will be played every other week.

If interested, please message me. Thanks for reading!

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