Ascendant Membership and GM switching

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Hey guys, so my GM and I agreed to co-gm our current campaign and I got the ascendant membership for that but I don't want to be the titular GM on our page. I'm just the assistant. If I promote him back to his position and I get demoted, that means we lose membership? And what if the promotes me as co-gm, does that mean I have to sign up again for that?

I should've just found a way to gift it or some other option prior but has anyone had experience with this kind of situation?

Your help is much appreciated!


  • Kallak
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    From my own experiences, OP does not appear to remove ascendant only things that you added prior to not having ascendant status. You simply can no longer manipulate or add anything that is ascendant only. An example of the sort of thing I'm talking about would be custom css. The css would stay in place, the new GM simply wouldn't be able to add, edit or remove it without getting ascendant status.
  • weasel0
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    You maintain your membership, but yes, it becomes "his" campaign so the Ascendant features become uneditable. If you are made "GM" again, it becomes your campaign and you can edit all the Ascendant only features(as I think he could as well but it has to be you who is the "owner"/"GM").

    The Ascendant membership is tied to your account directly. You can create as many campaigns as you want, promote(transfer) it to others(restricted by their limits if non-Ascendant), and have them all promote(transfer to) you and it won't affect your membership. Campaigns have the benefits of the person who owns them(the GM). The person's account is up to what was paid for.
  • Sandro_XVII
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    Ohhh, that makes so much more sense now and not so bad even with the on/off GM switching. Thank you so much for clarifying that, guys.
  • twiggyleaf
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    If it helps to know, I am an ascendant member and three of my players have their own campaigns linked to my Ascendant account.  I just confer co-GM status to each of their campaigns and don't read their GM-only stuff.  Occasionally I might get a notification that lets me see the title of a wiki or the name of a character, but this is usually no big surprise and I just don't read any further.  It all works out pretty well.


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  • Keryth987
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    What Twiggy said. That is how my group handles it as well

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