Seeking players - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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Hi there fellow Gamers

So have been in Riyadh for 1.5 years and really haven't met anyone, other than my long suffering and newbie RPG player wife, who might be keen on a game.

I'm a pretty experienced GM and have been itching to get a game going again. My system of choice is Rolemaster, not everyone's cup of tea i know but I know it well enough to introduce anyone new to it pretty quickly and easily.

I was thinking of running a "one shot/one off" game for an afternoon with a group to see if we all get on/like the system and each other etc before setting up a full campaign.
I'm thinking of setting it in Westros/Game of Thrones as its pretty topical at the moment and people know the setting.

Could you or someone you know be keen on a game ... most likely for the one shot starting early afternoon on Friday or Saturday and seeing how we go?

Any thoughts or suggestions of people that could be keen would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance and happy gaming



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    Ps - have a look at as the initial game pgage
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