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Added a superscript text as a caveat for my house rules. However, I'm having difficulties reducing the spacing in the paragraph when the text wraps on smaller screens. I have tried some of CCS suggestions I found online but nothing seems to be working. I want there to be little or no spacing between the lines in the superscript text (but make sure it doesn't affect the spacing of the paragraphs before and after the superscript). Here is the line for the code I'm using so far:


* Gunslinger, Summoner[^1^]
* CN, N, and evil alignments
* Clustered Shots, Dazing Spell, Improved Familiar, Leadership, Manyshot
* Magical Lineage (Magnus only)
* Firearms, Racial Favored Class Bonuses
* "Level dipping" into Prestige Classes (3 consecutive levels minimum)
[^1^]Version from _Pathfinder Unchained_ is allowed as long as player has full stats (including any augmentations) immediately available for all summoned creatures.

Thanks for any assistance/suggestion you may provide.
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