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@OPSupport - Why is the "How to Request a Feature" discussion set to SINK? Is the developers no longer considering any new features for Obsidian Portal? Thanks.


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    Absolutely not. Let me start by saying that the team is 100% committed to making OP better and is receptive to new feature requests. To answer your question specifically, it was well-known that the forums had way too many misleading stickies and bumped threads. There has traditionally been a sub-forum for new feature requests. Having a 10 page convoluted thread posturing as an informative post seemed counter-intuitive for new users. You can expect similar on-going forum clean-up work moving forward as the team works to make things better.
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    Thank you. :)
  • NikMak
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    Nice to know.

    Is there any intent to capture the best of the old thread, or is it a clean slate you want? Would be a shame lose some of that content
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    Absolutely there is that intent, and no we don't want to lose those ideas. The entire thread, plus the other posts on the forum, plus the prior support forums are all excellent records which the team is drawing on as part of the road map moving forward. While certainly the team will likely never have the bandwidth to cover every idea in the backlog, the focus is on vetting those ideas and making high impact changes that have real impact. Several key focus areas have already been identified. Kallak will be putting out a blog post shortly which will help to disseminate the new direction for the site with respect to new feature development.
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