Can someone explain to me why all of my pages have been turned into uninterrupted blocks of text?

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  • djkester
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    This is also my question. Losing all the formatting I've done on the pages when i go to make an edit means re-doing a bunch of my tables. How can I turn off the new page editor and get back the old one?
  • Midnotion
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    When editing a page, you can hit the Source button to get a poor copy of the Textile code, wrapped in a P tag, and with line feeds replaced by spaces. Since Textile cares about line feeds, this messes everything up.

    It basically makes formatting a page impossible.
  • ransomp666
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    Huge thread about this here:

    Latest word is it will be fixed within 24 hours... we'll see.
  • weasel0
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    New pages are pretty easy to make work or pages that only have a few lines. This is almost as bad as when the whole site got the overhaul to the mess it is now. It isn't really that bad of a change nor is it really a mess in it's current state. It'll work wonders for new people coming in, for anyone making new pages, and they'll be utterly confused as to the big fuss we're all making.

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  • Keryth987
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    Has anyone tried clicking on the SOURCE button? I found that clicking on that on my site takes it from the 'natural' editing to the old style editor.

    I haven't tested it yet, beyond looking, but I'd say give it a try.

    Edit - I've tested it on my test sight. IF you click the Source button you have the normal editor and spaces as well as the Textile command for a break, work

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  • Tau_Cetacean
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    clicking on "source" button gets you the old-style editor, after the new editor has FUBARed the code... bottom line, if you've opened a page you edited the old way in the new editor, and saved it, the code is FUBARed

    see bug report thread:
  • weasel0
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    it didn't at first.

    It was wrapping everything in tags and ignoring line breaks. Must have made some edits over night.
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