Changing Text to Bold with a click?

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So I'm in the final stages of working on a Chronicles of Darkness character sheet. Of the half-dozen things left on my checklist, one is a way to mark 2-3 skills out of 25 or so as Asset Skills.

On the home-brew manually-created character sheet we've used in the past, we've handled that by marking those Skills as Bold with asterisks. I have no clue how to do this with a DST and am looking for advice. I'm tempted to steal the idea of buttons next to the skills like I've seen on some of the Exalted character sheets, but am really hoping I can keep this Bold styling, since it's really distinctive and doesn't require a lot of dead-space for buttons that will be mostly unused.

So yeah, any idea how I can set up something to accomplish this with a DST?


  • ChainsawXIV
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    This is completely possible, but slightly complicated - both for you and for your user, who may not realize how to designate skills as Asset Skills. At a high level, here's how you'd accomplish it:

    # Create a hidden field for each of the skills on your skill list
    # Add a JS function that toggles the value of the hidden field on click
    # When the sheet loads or a field is toggled, set a class on the skill
    # Add a corresponding class to your CSS which makes the text bold

    If you wanted to make this a little more obvious, you could use the same basic setup described above, but with a visible button when editing that's not shown when the sheet is viewed.

    Let me know if you want help working out how to do any of that. :)
  • barrelv
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    This made my brain bleed a little bit, so I just stuck with using the same method used on the Exalted sheets. Polled some players and they could instantly tell what skills were Asset Skills, so that's good enough.
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