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I've got a DST under development (admittedly primitive, as I'm a beginner at CSS & haven't done serious HTML work since HTML 2). In the Dev kit it looks fine, but once in the site the weapons header has the wrong text color. Anyone willing to figure out what I've done wrong? Source is "here":https://github.com/brantai/obsidian-portal-DSTs


  • ChainsawXIV
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    The dev kit is seriously out of date at this point, as it was created for a totally different version of the site. Most likely something in the main site's CSS is bleeding over into your sheet.

    Your best bet is to frame up your sheet in there, then put it into the system and keep tweaking. If you aren't able to resolve the issue that way, let me know and I'll dig deeper when I can.

    I'm working on an updated dev kit, but it's a beast of a project and I'm not exactly flush with free time at the moment. :p
  • Brantai
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    Good to know! If I figure out a fix I'll post what I did.
  • Brantai
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    Ended up fixing it in almost the hackiest way possible by adding the class to each element instead of just the containing them.
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