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So I've got the Shadowrun 5e, 4e, and a smattering of 1,2,3 books. Got all the rule books for Hackmaster 4e, and the new "Hackmaster"(it's not "Advanced" or "5e"), a couple of Aces and Eights, some GURPS 4th, quite a number of D&D 3.5 with three or four 3e and a few 2E for good measure. What winds up difficult is finding various tables to try and cross-reference things.

I bring all this up as I'm building Shadowrun 5e characters(cyber right now) and my concept is "starts out basically unaltered but ends a super bio-engineered street samurai" which is too much for a normal character to start as but I haven't seen any Essence Therapy in any of the 5e books yet so that's how I want to go with it. However, leaving that run-on behind, trying to compare cyber to bio is such a major PITA due to no comparison charts nor have I found any resources online. I know of some for a number of these other systems which makes char gen a bit easier. I've got Chummer 4 and 5 so tracking char gen is easy. Figuring out what I want to gen my char with is the issue.

General topic for this thread('cause I'm sure reference material is something we can all use) is what resources do you use(and can share) to aid in your games?(And helping me out is good too.)


  • twiggyleaf
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    Running on from this general theme, I will just add that for all things "Pathfinder" there is no better place to turn to than....



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  • NikMak
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    "The big list of plots":
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  • ketherian
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    Setting generic
    * "EBoN (Everchanging book of names)": The best random name generator I have ever found. I use it regularly.
    * "Tablesmith": Obsidian portal's blog had "a chat with the creator of this tool": I've used the tool to generate from random tables for years; faster than finding the table and rolling dice. Click and done. It's really impressive what can be done with this tool.
    * "Herolabs": Herolabs is a great character generator, although games like Pathfinder can get pretty expensive if you want to build something complicated.
    * "PC Gen": Another good one, but not as diverse when dealing with copyright information.
    * "RPTools": I use the token tool a lot, and have used RPTools to link my laptop to a second monitor so the party can see a PC version of the GM's maps.
    * "Tiddlywiki": This needs a bit of explanation, so I've linked the tool to a great GnomeStew article on how to get started. My game notes are in Tiddlywiki.

    Fantasy system generic
    * "101 encounters by Aaron Kalvi": A great book of short plots. Free to download.
    * "": The articles feature HarnWorld and HarnMaster, but they'd work in any fantasy setting.

    "Signs & Portents":
  • Basileus
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    I have spent an inordinate amount of time creating custom chapters for EBoN. So useful!
  • weasel0
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    I suppose I ought to contribute to my own thread when asking for others google-fu help:

    "": - for the D&D 3.5 era version of twiggyleaf's pathfinder aka 3.75. ;)
    "system references": - A secondary 3.5 ruleset for d20
    "Aces & Eights": Fantastic western game.
    "Hackmaster": This is of course the most current edition.
    "Paranoia XP Char Gen": This is for the XP version of the game...that had the XP removed later. :D ha!
    "Dnd Adventure": - Old but neat.

    ......holy crap!! WotC canned their D&D forums?!? oh gawds...the amount of time I sank in there during the 3.5 era....
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  • UselessTriviaMan
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    I like using "Raging Swan": for off-the-wall stuff/descriptions/ideas.

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    I have mentioned this one years before but for those who would not have been around and are still playing D&D 3.5 or some other D20 derivation, there is the exhaustive list of sample dragons by type and age group to be found here: "Sample Dragons":

    Reign terror down on them without having to do all that dragon calculation!


    "I met a traveller from an antique land....."

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    This is a great thread! So many bookmarks to add
  • GamingMegaverse
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    I absolutely love this "site": and use it regularly.
    "A God...Rebuilt":
    "OP's COTM April 2012":
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    Another great site is "d12 Dungeon":
    I've been collecting his lists and adding them to tablesmith; I doubt I'd use many of them, but I enjoy the humour.
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  • cgregory
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    For Shadowrun 5th edition

    Cyberware List

    While that is a link to cyberware the bioware link and all other lists are accessible from that page.

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