Tabletop Game Design Company Startup!!!

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Guys and Gals!! Fellow Obsidianites!

Lend me your ears...or eyes. I am please to announce that I am trying to make one of my dreams a reality. It has been long due. Since a kid, I have always dreamed of starting a tabletop gaming company with my oldest brother. As of the end of last month, I did it!!!

We have some exciting ideas that we are trying to bring to light and to your homes. We are passionate about designing fun, replayable, easy-to-learn, addictive games to play with your kids AND your buddies. Beginner or experienced veteran our future designs will speak to ALL of you.

In coming up with my company's name, I was inspired by the mythology of Odin's ravens: Huginn and Muninn; symbolic of Odin's mind and imagination. I also was inspired by the myths of ancient Greece. So I came up with an amalgamation of these concepts. I present you..."KeryxGames": !! Keryx was the son of Hermes, and like his father AND Huginn and Muninn, he was a "Herald" to the gods. I like to think of us as the heralds of future gaming, bringing ideas and imagination straight from the Aether to your tables!!

h2. Follow us on Twitter "@KeryxGames":

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  • GamingMegaverse
    Posts: 3,001
    Best of luck to you MGH!!

    Just trying to help out.

  • Kallak
    Posts: 1,090
    Neat! I'll be interested in seeing how things go. Hope it is everything you wished for.
    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • Basileus
    Posts: 585
    Cool, best wishes! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out.
  • Bortas
    Posts: 645
    Nice! Good luck to you!

  • NikMak
    Posts: 379
    best of luck :)
  • Lxcharon
    Posts: 189
    Oh crappola! That's awesome! Good luck MGH!

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  • MachineGunHarry
    Posts: 115
    Thanks guys!
  • twiggyleaf
    Posts: 2,018
    Good luck with the new venture, MGH!


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  • MachineGunHarry
    Posts: 115
    I am hoping to make my games Europe Friendly...just neef to learn a bit more about how to do that. Time to hit up Youtube!
  • Basileus
    Posts: 585
    If I still had a Facebook account, I'd like Keryx Games to help prevent the Rise of the Drumph Wizard. Although, I think a mage with the ability to raise walls without any cost would be nice... maybe the other player has to pay for it instead?

    Dig the sketches so far.
  • MachineGunHarry
    Posts: 115
    Oh there is ALWAYS a cost with magic, my friend. That's what Allanon keeps saying to Wil...and I always trust a druid!
  • Basileus
    Posts: 585
    Green Party, huh?
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