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Hey all. Figured since I've been on OP for a little bit I'd introduce myself. I've been playing DnD since 5th grade - around 1997 or so. I started with 2nd edition and have been playing ever since. I took a break when 4th edition came out because.. well.. it was 4th edition.
I recently started back up with 5th edition and have been going ever since. I currently am running the Rage of Demons: Out of the Abyss campaign setting. I also live stream my games on every Tuesday 5pm MST. My players and I use Fantasy Grounds which is a Virtual Tabletop platform that allows us to all play online as if we were all sitting at the table. And no, I don't like roll20.. I always get asked about it :|

I am pretty addicted.. nay, passionate about DND. I even modeled and 3d printed the demon statue from the cover of the AD&D PHB.

I haven't actually ever played 5th edition, only ran it as a DM. But I enjoy being a DM. Below I dropped the link for my OP page. Check it out.

DM of "Rage Of Demons: Out of the Abyss":
"My Live Stream":


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    A big welcome to you, Vishera

    May your gaming and your involvement on Obsidian Portal go from strength to strength!

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    Welcome to the madness that is Obsidian Portal :)

    Actually, welcome, enjoy, and feel free to share stories, ask for help, whatver

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    Welcome aboard Vishera! Plenty of friendly people here! Will throw you a few followers, as we also do the "Twitch Stream": and "Twitter Thing":
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    Over 350 Fans, and Looking for More!

    Just trying to help out.

  • Vishera
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    thanks, just got your follow notifications. Hope you enjoy the stream!

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    Welcome Vishera!
  • Basileus
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    Let the hazing commence!
  • NikMak
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    welcome :)
  • Lxcharon
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    Welcome Vishera! Hope to see more of you around the boards!

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