Weird Thing When Logging In

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when I was logging in to OP around 10:15pm EST today... I got a small window pop up about downloading a file "first_bug.jpg", instinctively closed it... scratched head and tried again... logged in normally

for a different bug report, I did upload a screenshot and entitle it first_bug.jpg... e.g. showing that the problem I was talking about had first reported it in July 2014


so... yeah... there is an image file titled "first_bug.jpg" associated with my account... but why OP should try to be downloading it to my hard drive when I am trying to login to OP seems a little weird

first time I've seen anything like this happen... wanted to see if anyone else has seen anything like this (wasn't planning on making a formal bug report unless it proves to be more than a one-off for me)


  • AaSampson
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    Please bring this to my attention if others users experienced any similar issues.
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