Calling All DST Authors!

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As you may or may not have noticed, there's a new "DST section of the forums": The OP tech team has been putting some effort into fleshing out what is arguably one of the site's most unique features - the dynamic character sheet system - and as their improvements come on line, I think there's a golden opportunity for us to revitalize the sheets we've made and expand the list even further. To that end, I'm launching three initiatives, and I'd like your help it bringing them to life:

* I've opened a thread where people can "request new DSTs": If you want one for your favorite system, give it a look. If you're interested in creating a sheet for one of the systems requested, let us know, and go for it - I'm here to help.

* We can now transfer sheets to new authors, at last enabling us to launch an effort to "adopt out abandoned DSTs": to new owners who can give them some love. If you're interested in renovating a sheet, post there and I'll set you up.

* And finally, I'll be working over the next few weeks to update documentation and organize a DST FAQ thread. I hope this will help new DST creators get going, and I'd very much appreciate everyone's input on what it should contain.

There's more that I want to do in the near term, but as you might have gleaned from the list above, the immediate priorities are already a job of work. It's my hope that - in true OP fashion - we'll end up with a thriving community of sheet creators here, but that can only happen with your participation, so please take some time to visit the new forum section, post your questions, and help others out.

Whether you've made bunches of sheets already, or you're brand new and want to try it out, I want to equip us all with the know-how we need to maximize this feature, so don't hesitate to jump in and be part of the discussion.
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