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  • AaSampson
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    Hello community. Just wanted to let everyone know Techs rolling out a feature enabling players to hide Social media Share buttons. Lets give tech a bit of time to finish this and message OP in Public Discussions if you have any questions.
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  • Tau_Cetacean
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    @Chainsaw - when trying to diagnose my wiki edit issue - the first thing that was suggested was I screwed something up by customizing the CSS (for the record, I still don't have the foggiest idea how to go about customizing CSS, I barely even know what CSS is from looking it up on wikipedia), while the bug fix in still in progress on that, my instinct is to not start trying to learn how to customize my CSS
  • Basileus
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    Tau's custom CSS:

    @.wiki-edit-window {transition-delay: 300s;}@

    Its true, I saw it!

    EDIT: CSS jokes... that's a new level of obscurity.
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  • ChainsawXIV
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    I hadn't seen that the share buttons showed up on the character list. That's would not have been my choice, considering you generally don't want to share things you're not looking at.

    Tau, CSS was a good first guess based on the one symptom you had described - CSS controls the size of things on the page in general, so if something is the wrong size it's a good place to start - but it's nothing to be afraid of, and if it had been the issue it would have been trivial to fix. You could totally do the thing Basileus described above and get more obscure behaviors, but it's not the kind of thing that happens by accident. :p
  • weasel0
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    I was wandering around to find them but I have as lockers that autokill them so id never have known.
  • Bookscorpion
    Posts: 58
    Re the lastest date my campaign uses:
    We're currently in 2071. I don't think that we will break the dating system with that particular campaign, but thank you for asking :)

    "Shadowrun: The Rat's Nest":https://ratsnest.obsidianportal.com/

    Shadowrun: The Rat's Nest - COTM  November 2014

  • andreww38
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    @Bookscorpion - good to know!
  • andreww38
    Posts: 239
    Re: Co-GM rights, our coder said:

    "Co-GM can do all other stuff that a GM can do, except cannot delete campaign and on players setting he cant promote/remove other user as Co-GM and also can not make other user as GM. Co-GM can remove and invite players."

    Yes, we understand that Co-GMs can be female too, so please substitute "he" with "she" as necessary.

    If you notice anything that a Co-GM ought to be able to do, which is not in the system yet, post in the comments and if it makes sense, we'll make it so.

    PS: The code is something like worked on Unearthed Arcana, so thanks for your patience on this.
    (You get points if you noticed the D&D ref).
  • andreww38
    Posts: 239
    Tech team have worked on the RSS feeds which were broken before.
    Check them out and post in comments if you see anything wonky.


    RSS feeds now come in 4 flavors.

    #1 site-wide RSS (all updates on all campaigns)

    user account-filtered RSS (all the updates generated by a particular user)

    user account, campaign specific RSS (all updates on a single campaign)
    i) all updates on a single campaign

    ii) feed on specific campaign by specific user

    user’s favorites list (all updates on all campaigns a user is following)

    example https://obsidianportal.com/favorites/deltamonk/rss.xml


    Please help by passing an int check to substitute "username" with a username, eg "ChainsawXIV"
    "campaign-slug" with your campaign sub-domain , eg "winter-is-coming" for "winter-is-coming.obsidianportal.com"

    Break it, bust it, let us know what happened when it broke and we'll work on a fix.
  • Bortas
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    Oooo.... I'm not sure what I'm doing with those RSS feeds yet, but I will!

  • andreww38
    Posts: 239
    @Tau - thanks for your feedback and addressing some of your concerns.

    We have one programmer who's worked on the "large campaign tab" issue. He's working on the code, and at times rebuilding/rewriting scripts line-by-line. As Chainsaw has mentioned, most of these tasks, we can't easily multitask or divide into separate tasks for 2 guys to work on it simultaneously. Beyond just working on this fix alone, there's a constant process of loading it into a test environment that's as similar to the software that runs here, and ensure that other stuff like email notifications don't break, 404/500 errors don't appear at other points/places because OP is one big machine with lots of moving parts.

    There are also periods where stuff needs to be compiled, tested, etc, so the programmer can't work on it then, while the server is doing stuff to the script, so that's when we have them work on other fixes which we can then roll out on the server.

    I've a list of 100+ bugs/issues that we're aware of, that have been highlighted on the customer support desk, so we're going for fixes that:
    1) We can get done quickly, especially if it's a simple fix within the user interface.
    2) Long/persisting issues that are a pain in the pants for many users. We really do prefer that OP users don't have to do CSS alchemy and other workarounds, so as we get features out, we take the period where users test, break, bust them and give us feedback and we use that feedback to refine the features, have it as an option in "settings" so it can be toggled.

    in a TL;DR summary, we are very aware of your issue and as I've mentioned before, I would get it done tomorrow if I could, though that's not possible.

    It will take some time, and once we have the fix in, you will experience a much smoother page loading experience, other users facing a similar issue will also see a speed increase, and other users with smaller, more optimized campaigns will experience a more modest performance boost.
  • andreww38
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    @bortas - you could load them into a RSS reader, create lots of customized feeds and spend the periods in between sleeping, eating, working, on reading every adventure log on OP?

    Or maybe not.....
  • andreww38
    Posts: 239
    @bortas - you could load them into a RSS reader, create lots of customized feeds and spend the periods in between sleeping, eating, working, on reading every adventure log on OP?

    Or maybe not.....
  • GamingMegaverse
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    Could the fact that the co-gm info get posted into the help tickets opened by people that had the issue?
    Is there any particular reason that we never know what is and what is not currently being addressed?

    Just trying to help out.

  • BringMeThatHorizon
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    Can't hide share icons. Can't save setings.
    Any thoughts?
  • AaSampson
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    The Share icon update is currently with Tech support so the ability to hide icons is not yet available. If you have trouble saving settings please open a trouble ticket here.

  • andreww38
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    @BringMeThatHorizon -

    I tried it with my account and it seemed to work.

    To confirm: You went to settings, advanced, clicked on "Hide social share buttons" and hit "Save" at the bottom right?

    If you did this, and it didn't work, could you file a "customer support ticket":http://help.obsidianportal.com/discussions ? Be sure to include your campaign URL, so we can check it.
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  • andreww38
    Posts: 239
    @killervp - sure.

    @aaron will be updating/closing tickets related to social share in the tickets.
  • AaSampson
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    HI OP. We are aware that users may experience technical difficulties while accessing Obsidian Portal Support. If you have any technical difficulties or questions please reach out to us at [email protected] .
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