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A quick question for our resident Kaleidoscope reps:

With the acquisition of ObsidianPortal, was AisleTen acquired as part of that? Or is the AisleTen name that is still currently everywhere going to be changed/updated at some point? The AisleTen website still shows ObsidianPortal as a project (although it appears quite old, so I'm not sure its reliable).

Just curious because I had assumed AisleTen remained its own separate thing, but I saw another user mention them in a recent comment, and it made me wonder how that had all worked out legally during the acquisition.


  • andreww38
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    I don't have the whole picture as I haven't seen M&A docs or share certs trading hands.

    Here is what I know.

    Kaleidoscope owns AisleTen LLC's stripe account. So billing on your credit cards will appear as AisleTen LLC. The funds go to Kaleidscope which funds OP's costs.

    Everything is above board, no one is going out of business (pre-empting any questions which might come up).
  • Basileus
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    Cool, that satisfies my curiosity. Thanks Andrew.
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