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  • andreww38
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    "Would there be a way for the OP to allow you to set your default order when you arrive at the home page to something other than "Popularity"? Every time I log on, it defaults to "Popularity" where, for example, I would prefer "Last Updated." Looking at the popular sites is not helpful to me, plus half the campaigns on that first page have not been updated in years... "

    It was sorted by "last updated" before this update.
    The issue is that some of the "last updated" were brand new campaigns with little info.

    And pre-kickstarter, the default view was "Popularity" which seemed to be the choice that many users preferred.

    I can look at working in more customizable settings for the default view for campaigns, but it will require some prioritization between continuing our work on the kickstarter stretch goals, the major bugs that are being reported and the other day-to-day stuff that comes up.
  • andreww38
    Posts: 239
    Re: timing to edit campaigns -
    I don't think that's something we're seriously considering.
    We've upgraded our hardware (during the weekend of 500s/502s) so we are ok in terms of CPU power to process wikis in the immediate future.

    Providing a great user experience is important to me, so I don't think that should be an issue for any GMs.


    It's the bigger issue of expanding storage for 200k+ users that is taking up more "CPU cycles" figuring out a solution.

    Re: earning a GM badge - that will require some coding time.

    At the same time, what would be the criteria for earning it?
    Starting a campaign,
    uploading a couple of high-res graphics,
    hitting the 2mb ceiling?

    Is there a real "achievement" built into that task?
    IMHO, that is like giving out "participation prizes" in grade school.

    It could still work, would need more refinement though.
  • schiann
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    Andrew, Maesenko's saying there's already a GM badge. It's on the user's profile page, along with badges for buying Ascendant membership and length of time on OP. I'm pretty sure you get it when you start a campaign. Of course any user can do that by clicking "New Campaign," so, yeah, that's not a big achievement. But the code already exists.

    I like the idea of upping free users' storage if they're GMing because all the graphics GMs provide - for Banners, NPCs, Wiki pages, Items, a Map - take up space. For OP the business, those graphics create a bigger WOW factor for new users than a bullet list of features. There are still Ascendant-only features like forums and player secrets that will get people to upgrade to paid membership.

    Just catching up. Holy cow! My PCs are separate from my global laundry-list of NPCs again! (Shadowrunners make friends and enemies everywhere they go.) If we can just get custom dates and on-page dice rollers back, we'll be back to the pre-Reforge OP I fell in love with in 2012!
  • GamingMegaverse
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    The issue with campaigns that have not been updated since before the Reforge could be solved by a suggestion that has been around for a long time- make an inactive list. If a campaign goes for more than 6 months or a year, whatever length that you determine, without an update it goes inactive.... Inactive games get their own category. It would sure clean things up- make searching for campaigns better, searching for active campaigns to join for new players better, etc.
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    Just trying to help out.

  • SkidAce
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    Flagged inactive...but still there for their users to return to as needed. I like it.
  • Bortas
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    What if the default 'last updated' view also had a default threshold of, say... 10fans?

  • andreww38
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    @killervp --- "Reply" within the personal messaging system now replicates the message stream, instead of a blank page, so you can continue a somewhat threaded conversation and don't lose message history.
  • twiggyleaf
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    Yes, the message read and reply system is much better now.


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