Hello, looking for games in Gloucestshire

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Hey there. New player here.
I have just started getting interested in D and D and I thought that I might as well start reaching and trying to find players near me so I can actually play.
I have not played any other rpgs, but I know what the general gist of roleplaying is like through youtube vids and the like.
I would be interested to play pretty much anything but I have no shame to admit that I might need to have someone to semi hand hold me through the first session for two. Ideally I would like to play something I already have a grasp on: Warhammer rpgs (40k or fantasy), Shadowrun (heard very good things about this), 3.5e of D and D/Pathfinder (Same as Shadowrun) and the warcraft rpg (Friend has the books and I played the mmo)

Thanks in advance for everything and if you have any advice then feel free to contact me.


  • NikMak
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    Hi Louis, your a bit far away form us here in Loughborough... but chat to these folks. even if they cant fit you into a game, or its too far away for you, they may know someone else in the area you can talk to



    bets of luck, and let us know how you get on :)
  • twiggyleaf
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    Hi Louis912

    I'm in Glasgow, which is even further away, but I just wanted to welcome you to the Portal anyway.
    I hope you get in with a group soon.
    Be sure to send us a link if you set up something on Obsidian Portal.

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