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Hey Folks I am a GM in the local Pugent Sound area. I have had a couple of seats open at my table. What do we engage in at my table you may ask. Welll right now I have a phenominal Campaign set in the 40k Only War setting. I have incorporated a bit of Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader to add some spice but you still play as a squad of Guardsmen who find themselves thrown into some interesting situations with important decisions at your feet to make. The game is 70% Role Play and 30% Combat. The Combat is usually pretty decent in scale and we most often set up a wargaming table to duke it out with minis and tanks and well whatever shade of hell Ive decided to throw at you along with the complications. For any steady player I also design with the player and cutom build and paint a Mini that refelects their Character in game for use when we throw down on the table. We are not very far into the Campaign so you wont be jumping into the middle of a well established game.

Anyhow here is a link I use for Web access to the game:https://sins-of-the-spinward-front.obsidianportal.com

Dont worry we play in person. I just find it easier to store all the data intarweb side so that the players can access it as they like to keep their gears turning even when we arent sitting at the table. We are an easy going group of middle ages guys. I host at my House in Graham or at a Gaming Store that works for everyone depending on what the players desires are for a location. We know commute and new people can be a factor and so we are flexible to that. Day and time of play will be whatever works best for everyone but it will likely be a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Anyhow check out the link and let me know if you have questions or are interested.
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