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Hi there, I haven't used Obsidian Portal for over a year and I just posted my first log but it seems no matter what I do it only posts the first paragraph or so. I can't find any sort of "expand" or "view all" button. Is there anyway to view all logs expanded in full like it used to be rather than separate entries you need to some how expand?


  • Krothos
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    The 1st page of the Adventure Log webpage is only a summary-like page of all the logs you've created. If you click on your title of the individual log, it should take you to the full log.
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  • Baro
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    Is there any way to have them all show as "expanded" at once? When I first used the site the adventure log could be read like a book, no clicking needed to go to individual posts.
  • Krothos
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    Sorry, not that I'm aware of, but that doesn't mean that someone else here might know of a way to modify it with some CSS code. :)
  • MachineGunHarry
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    Baro, you don't actually want that. You'd have to scroll forever trying to find a certain log. If you do wish to have something like that, you may wish to use a single adventure log, then use hyperlinks that are listed at the top that jump down to parts of your page (with a back to the top link after each "log" entry).
  • Kallak
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    @Baro, my campaign's "Adventure Log": is pretty much exactly what MachineGunHarry is talking about. If you'd like help getting yours set up in a similar manner, let me know and I can show you what I did to mine.
    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • MachineGunHarry
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    Kallak, I really like that Adventure log. Are you able to post your code for that page here? That is actually better than I was talking about (i.e. using anchors and links). Your page looks so clean and simple, yet fresh and efficient.
  • SkidAce
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    Here's mine....

    "Unconquered Kingdoms":"
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  • Kallak
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    @MachineGunHarry, not a problem. You can see my CSS for the adventure log stuff below. Some things to note for implementing elsewhere:

    [1] as with my "character layout material":, this code is configured for a main content width of 730 pixels wide, so some sizing changes will be needed for sites with differing main content widths.
    [2] This code is only for the overall layout, so things like the table formatting, shadow-box "Part" headers and greybox container, etc.. aren't listed here as they are part of my overall campaign CSS. Obviously, people will need to work the look and feel part of it into their own themes.
    [3] Some minor bits of theme related material are sprinkled in here by necessity. An example would be the right-shifted positioning of the "Create a New Post" button (CSS class .adventure-log-new-container). That positioning is something I did for my layout, but may not necessarily be desirable for all layouts, and thus may need to be edited. Another example would be the margin-top:120px for the sidebar. That was so I could move the tags over to the secondary column.

    Outside of minor stuff like that, I hope everyone enjoys.

    .adventure-log-index .adventure-log-post {width:730px !important;height:auto !important;}
    .adventure-log-index .adventure-log-post .post-header, .adventure-log-post .post-view-link, .adventure-log-post .date-column, .adventure-log-index #sidebar {display:none !important;}
    .adventure-log-post .post-content {width:730px !important;height:auto !important;overflow:visible !important;}
    .adventure-log-post .post-column {padding-left:0px !important;width:730px !important;}
    .post-content .overflow-fade-out {display:none;}
    .adventure-log-index .adventure-log-post-container.teaser .header-icon {position:relative !important;float:right !important;z-index:4 !important;margin-top:12px !important;left:-2px;}
    .adventure-log-post .row {margin:0px 0px !important;}
    .adventure-log-index .adventure-log-post .columns {padding-top:0px !important;height:auto !important;}
    .adventure-log-new-container {width:225px !important;position:absolute;left:755px;}
    .adventure-log-index .adventure-log-post-container {padding:0px !important;background:none !important;}
    .adventure-log-index .adventure-log-post-container:nth-child(n+2) {display:none;}
    .adventure-log-index .adventure-log-pagination {display:none;}
    .adventure-log-show .adventure-log-post .columns {padding-left:0px !important;padding-right:0px !important;}
    .adventure-log-show .adventure-log-post .small-2, .adventure-log-show .adventure-log-post .adventure-log-post-title {display:none;}
    .adventure-log-show .adventure-log-post .post-header-container, .adventure-log-show .adventure-log-post .post-header-container .row, .adventure-log-show .adventure-log-post .post-header-container .small-10, .adventure-log-show .adventure-log-post .post-header-container .post-header {height:1px;margin-bottom:-1px;}
    .adventure-log-show .adventure-log-post .post-header-container .small-10, .adventure-log-show .adventure-log-post .post-header-container .post-header {width:730px}
    .adventure-log-show .adventure-log-post .header-icon {position:relative;float:right;top:-19px;left:-15px;}
    .adventure-log-show #sidebar {margin-top:120px;}
    .adventure-log-show .post-header .tags {left:745px;top:0px;}
    .adventure-log-show #sidebar .sidebar-adventure-log-neighbors .date-column {display:none;}
    .adventure-log-show #sidebar .sidebar-adventure-log-neighbors .background {left:0px !important;}
    .adventure-log-show #sidebar .sidebar-adventure-log-neighbors {width:81% !important;}
    .sidebar-adventure-log-neighbors .neighbor-post.current-post:first-child {margin-top: 28px !important;}@

    And before anyone says it, yes I'm WAY behind on posting the final adventure log. I'm sort of saving it as a teaser for when I get closer to running DANgerous Kalamar 5.
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    All the best,
    - Kallak
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