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Hi all.

I recently posted the results of analyzing OP data on the number of campaigns for a year on RPG.net.

There it is:




  • cgregory
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    They are among us!


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  • twiggyleaf
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    Thanks for your efforts. I have kept a track of the figures over the last few years and posted the top 10 of each year with our Gaming Club, but it is an immense effort to do this on a monthly basis and your graphs and observations are really interesting.

    It is no surprise to me that DnD Next and Pathfinder are the main contenders!

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  • ketherian
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    Wow. This is nice work. Thanks for the raw data, it helps me better understand the raw graphs.
    Still, it would be nice to see active vs inactive games somehow. I realize your data source doesn't have that information.
    Being a fan of one game in particular I did some digging: when I look it up on the Filter by sheet it shows there are currently 40 HarnMaster games on OP, but when I filter the list by HarnMaster, I only see 3-screens worth (2x12+1x5 = 29). Of these, I'd say three were active (including my own).

    I'm not sure what I saw on the site represents. Should I take this to mean of the 40 HarnMaster games, only 29 have not been closed? Or have players?

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  • NikMak
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    That is really nice work, well done :)

    I may reference it for the wiki page we are crafting, if you dont object?
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  • Unknown
    Very cool. The number of campaigns obviously only reflects Public ones, as they can be set to Private or Friends Only which makes them not visible. Still, it is highly insightful.
  • Abersade
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    That's very interesting.
  • Keryth987
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    Just curious, in your post you talked about new campaigns, do your figures also include campaigns still active?
    Regardless, a fascinating read and a good overview of not just OP's future but RPGs future as well

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