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Hello! I'm a 31 year old former artist. I say former because its been a really long time sense I've had time, energy, or inspiration enough to create. I'm hoping its the sort of thing you never really lose, I guess only time (and actually trying) will tell. I was the type of nerdy kid that always wanted to RP with real and actual people, but the tiny group of friends I had never wanted to play with me. So I pretty much got a set of D&D books, read the heck out of 'em, and never got to put any of it into practice. To substitute for actual people, I've played a lot of video games, MUD's and tried forum-based rp, which was mildly satisfying until I realized it was mostly just a bunch of hardcore fangirling. I appreciate original content a lot more than "Oy, I'm Harry Potter, I am!" I have one friend now in my adult life who goes on regular RP adventures, and I'm always pestering her to just let me come watch but so far its a no go. It's 6 in the morning, so I'm not really sure where I'm going with this introductory ramble, so I'll finish with this: METAL!!!


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    Hi Glumentia,

    If you are looking for real people to role play with there are a couple of options.

    1) Obviously RP with a bunch of your friends is usually the best option, but somethings a hard thing to do.
    2) Many local gaming stores will have a pin board with groups looking for players (so that is one possible way of finding a game)
    3) You could use an online board to find a local game. Such as "EN World's Find a Game": (I found 3 of my players through this)
    4) There are organized events/groups such as Gaming Conventions or "Pathfinder Society": ("Pathfinder": is a sort of D&D v3.75 in case you didn't know)


    They are among us!


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    Welcome :)

    Im not sure where in the world you are, but I know that here in the UK most (all?) universities (I think you colonial types call them as colleges? ;) ) have a RPG society (sometimes they are called 'war-gaming and table top', or 'gaming and fantasy' etc. but you get the idea) . I have found that the reception can be a bit hit and miss but, with a bit of luck, you may have a gaming soc nearby who will welcome you with open arms.

    there is also the old school approach: Go to (or phone) your friendly local game store, and ask them if they know any games looking for players, I have wormed my way into three gaming groups using that approach over the years.
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    Hi Glumentia and welcome to Obsidian Portal

    All the suggestions above are great.
    I would also suggest local "MEETUP" groups that you can find online.
    We started our last two groups that way.

    Good luck!

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