Ascendant Membership?

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I'm an ascendant member (I believe that's the term? I pay the monthly or yearly fee, essentially) in a campaign where the GM is a regular member. Is he supposed to gain the benefits of my subscription fee? The wiki seems to not be flagged as an ascendant one. The page specifically says only the GM needs it. Does this extend to one player having it? Anyone know?


  • NikMak
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    my understanding is that the GM needs to have it (if Im wrong someone please correct me! ) .

    but there is a work round - your GM could promote you to GM status and then you make him/her a co-GM of the game. That way the game is 'owned' by your ascendant account. Then you and your players get all the benefits (you will have to be honest and not look at any 'GM only' things the actual game GM does on the web site)

    .... or they could buy their own ascendant status :)
  • DreadGazebo
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    Yes, GM needs to have it. Gifting memberships is a feature we've wanted for a long time.
  • Bret_
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    Thank you to both of you for the information. And, yes, NikMak, that was my backup plan, haha. I plan to do exactly that, then create a second account so I don't see his secret GM stuff. Silly that I should have to do that, but I get that they want more revenue.
  • twiggyleaf
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    I play in a game that operates in exactly the way NikMak describes. Occasionally I see something new that the other GM puts in but I just don't read any further down and it works out quite well. My memory is really shite anyway, so that also helps.


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  • cgregory
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    Bret, what we do in the current game I'm playing in where the GM doesn't have an Ascendant account is the GM puts links he doesn't want me to look at in the GM only section. So yeah, I can see the links, but I know not to click on them.

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  • GamingMegaverse
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    I know in the past Jerry worked around for at least one person to do a gift, and I would reach out to Alex to see if he would.

    Just trying to help out.

  • Bortas
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    Just chiming in: I would REALLY LOVE the ability to gift another account ascendant membership.

  • Unknown
    Gift accounts are on my radar actually, along with a couple other ideas to help enhance the Ascendant accounts here. Once we have the major issues and stretch goals scheduled my plan is to branch out into other items that can help this site/community thrive.
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