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Hey Dash,

Got a request here for a DST Update Approval: http://help.obsidianportal.com/discussions/problems/18210-request-updated-ubiquity-dst-be-approved

You may have gotten to it already, but wanted to put it on your radar.


  • Unknown
    Found another one on there: http://help.obsidianportal.com/discussions/problems/18077-obsidian-portal-dynamic-sheet-template-submission-dc-adventures
  • Unknown
    And another: http://help.obsidianportal.com/discussions/problems/18061-obsidian-portal-dynamic-sheet-template-submission-aces-high-brp
  • Brantai
    Posts: 6
    Are we still supposed to email [email protected] like the (outdated) tutorial page says, or is Submitting from the DST page enough?
  • ChainsawXIV
    Posts: 530
    Submitting the DST page should send email to me (and others) automatically. Haven't seen one of those come through in a while though, so if you submitted something and haven't seen a response, please drop me a PM and/or put a ticket into the system.
  • andreww38
    Posts: 239
    @brantai - we updated the DST code recently, so it should ping the DST moderators when a page is submitted.

    [email protected] exists, though it isn't checked as regularly.

    You can file a "customer support ticket":http://help.obsidianportal.com, or PM ChainsawXIV directly for DST review/approval.
  • Brantai
    Posts: 6
    Thanks, I've opened a ["support ticket":http://help.obsidianportal.com/discussions/dst/283-new-dst-submission]
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