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Hey guys, I've made a few posts here and there on the forums, but never introduced myself. I'm 25 yes old, living the American dream with my fiance and daughter and puppy in a small town in northeast Ohio.

Besides playing DND for a number of years, I play a multitude of instruments and spin fire for hobbies.

Anyways I have a lot planned for my campaign's log (campaign has been going nearly a year, another year and half til its finished, playing weekly) including illustrations of the adventures done by one of my players who has been making an adventure log through sketches, maps maps will be posted, and pictures of play sessions.

Also plan to set up a campaign of crafts that my other half and I make on the side, from terrain to trophy mounts of creatures/dragons and even miniatures of monsters, props, PCs and NPCs.

My experience on here so far has been great, the community has already been so helpful.


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    Awesome to have another Ohio resident around, I am in Columbus myself. By your description, you sound a lot like the folks I hang out with on a regular basis.

    Looking forward to seeing all the stuff you have planned up, sounds excellent!
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    Hey Kissthesky89

    Welcome to Obsidian Portal. Big plans, it seems, so, best of luck!

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    Our works of art to date.
  • Saabi
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    Nice to meet you! The arts thing is cool including what I've seen in that link you posted. Hmm, I just started learning an instrument lately.
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