New campaign, new to Obsidian portal not new to RPGs :)

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Hello all

I was an enthusiastic RPG guy in the 1980s - AD&D, Call of Cthulhu, Top Secret, Judge Dredd... mainly DM'ing/GM'ing. Until recently, I'd rarely spent much time remembering those long-ago pleasures. That all changed a few months ago when I was watching an episode the of cartoon Regular Show with my 9-year old son. The plot concerned Mordecai and Rigby playing a game clearly based on D&D. My son, mystified, asked me to explain what was going on. So I told him about D&D and remembered that all my old AD&D 1E books, modules etc. were boxed up in my dad's loft. So my son set about pestering me to get the books out and teach him how to play the game. So I did... and the campaign that I'm now organising on Obsidian Portal is the result. I'm happy enough playing with my son and my (very patient) wife, but I wouldn't mind connecting with any fellow UK-based D&D enthusiasts, maybe.



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    Welcome Thuria!! Lots of people here to help out, feel free to ask questions!
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    Just trying to help out.

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    Welcome aboard, and welcome back to the gamin world in general. Like killervp said, lots of helpful folks around here so chime in freely!

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    Hi ThuriaDM

    Welcome to Obsidian Portal and indeed, back into Roleplaying. I'm sure you will find this site a useful tool in setting up details of your campaign to aid you as you progress. I am currently running a game for my two nephews aged 8 and 12 and would be happy to exchange observations and ideas.

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    welcome :) cant wait till my son is old enough to get him gaming properly, we are sticking with more traditional board games at the moment.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, folks.
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    Welcome to the site! Getting your kids to play, huh? I think I might just do that too when I have kids haha. Have fun :).
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