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HI there, I am a novice RPG player that started playing games at the end of 2014. I am really having a hankering on playing some Werewolf the Apocalypse whether it be a Werewolf, Kinfolk, or a Changing Breed. I am in the Eastern Timezone, but I can probably make almost anytime within reason; however I can't play on Friday nights and 1/4 of Saturday nights.

I am really hankering to play so if you got room let me know! I have skype, Roll20, Google+ and a bunch of other voice programs.


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    Hi Xig,

    I cant help you out myself, but just wanted you to know your post has been read at least! What with the summer break and all I think the forums are a little quieter than usual. Have you tried looking for werewolf games on the OP site?

    If you click "all systems Werewolf Apocalypse": there are 200+ games on there about 8 of which have been updated on the first page search in the last month or so.

    There is also a "all systems Werewolf Foresaken": set of games with about 90 games and with four games updated recently as well

    Take look at those and see if any are online games looking for players (who knows you may even get really lucky and find a local game you can play face to face!).

    Also don't forget to search a few pages deep on each one, as I think the position a game appears in the search is not just a factor of when it was updated; but also how many 'Fans' it has. There are plenty of great games out there with only 2 or 3 fans of the web sites!

    anyway best of luck in your search :)



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