Darkish non-lovecraftian Campaign looking for players

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Gaze of the Abyss is a narrative heavy campaign focused primary on player decisions and morality. The main themes will be genocide and ‘do the ends justify the means?’.
Currently this campaign is being planned out for Fate core rules but can (and will) be converted to Burning wheel depending on player feedback. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with either of those, we have all the books and are more than willing to walk new players through.

Even though it's going to be a darker theme, we're still expecting to have some monster slaying fun in addition to the story, as well as plenty of laughs and all around good times. Having said that, this IS a more serious campaign. And while it’s great to laugh, kid, and joke around, we are trying to avoid any player that will be a continual disruption at the table or any overly strong personality conflicts. Therefore we’re holding trial runs to get a solid group together who can relax, laugh and work all together. If you’re interested please email me at [email protected] or through obsidian portal. We expect this to take place online through something like Roll20, however we are located in Asheville NC and if we get enough people near there we’ll look into finding a physical address.

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