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It's been a while since I have been lucky enough to visit these forums, and now I do so with great pleasure and purpose!

Some of you may remember me as the GM of a few campaigns here and there (Dark Queen of the West, CoTM May 2013), but now I come to you, reforged and new.

Enough with my incessantness, down to brass (or chrome) tacks.

My latest endeavor, "Shadowrun - Diamond Pulse": is looking for some new runners at this time. This is a unique take at Shadowrun 5th Edition, and is actually a shared campaign world. The other group of runners are participating in it's sister campaign, "Emerald Echoes,": run by another OP veteran, Gaaran (The Melekar Chronicles, CoTM July 2010). Events in both campaigns share a continuity and a timeline, which starts with the advent of an 11th Corporation being admitted to the Big 10.

We play online, slated to use Roll20, and are looking for a total of 5-6 runners who can make themselves available one night of the week to get up to some creativity and mayhem. We have one confirmed player, a Shaman, and are looking to get 4-5 more.

The specifics of what you might be getting into will be using the adjusted street-level rules as found in the core rulebook. The days for playing will sometime in the afternoon-evening, preferably in the hindmost section of the week - ultimately it will come down to determining the best times for everyone, but certainly we would not be starting earlier than 6:30 EST, and Wednesdays are not possible.

If you'd like to have a chat, or if you are interested, please feel free to get in touch!




  • Maesenko
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    Oh man, welcome back Rase! And to Gaaran as well! We need a revival of some more of the strong "old blood".

    I wish I knew the system, or even had time to play. Unfortunately, I'm currently in the midst of designing a new campaign of my own.
    I'll definitely be watching, though. Maybe I'll be able to join down the road.

    Again, welcome back!


    CotM Selection Committee

  • Unknown
    Wow, those are some extremely impressive looking campaign pages. I am very tempted to play, but I will have to do some consideration on it here and see if it is something I can work into my schedule. Either way, looking forward to following these at the very least.
  • killervp
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    Welcome back Rase! Missed you round these parts! Always great looking campaigns!

    Just trying to help out.

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