What system have you NOT played yet?

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So we've all got our favorite gaming systems. (My top four? D&D, Dread RPG, Savage Worlds, Pathfinder.)

But what game systems are you itching to play, but haven't ever scratched yet?

* After listening to a really kickass Actual Play podcast, I'd love to try my hand at the Legend of Five Rings RPG.

* After getting just a nibble with a one-shot at a convention, I'd LOVE to play in a long-term Traveller campaign.

* And despite _decades_ of wanting, I've somehow never been able to sit down to play Paranoia.

What systems do you want to try?

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  • cgregory
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    Alright I'll bite. Currently been playing Pathfinder, D&D 3.5 and 5e, Shadowrun, and Savage Worlds.

    Been itching to play

    *1) Night's Black Agents by Pegane Press*
    Once, you were a spy. From Moscow to Melbourne, London to Lagos, you worked behind the scenes. Black operations. Deniable missions. Surgical strikes. Now, you know there’s a secret behind all the secrets. You know who’s really pulling the strings.

    Vampires. The actual, no-kidding bloodsucking undead.

    When you found out, they destroyed you. Wiped out your old networks, blackened your name, left you broken and burned.

    But you’re still alive. You’ve found allies, others like you. And you’re going to kill the dead.

    Anyone who has read Brian Lumley's Necroscope series could easily find a home in this system.

    *2) Star Wars by Fantasy Flight Games*
    Don't really need to say what this system is about. But the reason I like this one is the dice mechanics. Really liked it in Warhammer 3e, just didn't like certain other things in Warhammer 3e. Star Wars seems to have gotten rid of those things I didn't like in that system.

    *3) Call of Cthulhu*
    Haven't played it in decades and been playing a lot of the board game Eldritch Horror lately so the desire for an RPG game to go with the board game is there.

    They are among us!


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  • Unknown
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    Hmm, this is a bit of an odd question for me. I am essentially the defacto GM for my troupe, so I have actually run more systems than I have played. For instance, I am presently running my Dragon Age campaign - I would love to actually play a game of that sometime but all I have ever done is run it.

    Other than that I have been wanting to play Outbreak: Undead since I found it (have run it also), and that one is finally going to come true - I am going to be playing in a Skype session with the developers of the game!

    For something I have no experience with, be it as a GM or a player, that I would love to be able to play sometime would be Dead Reign. While I have some experience with the Palladium Games systems (Palladium Fantasy and Rifts), I have never gotten to take a crack at that system in any capacity (though I do own some of the books for it).

    As for some of the ones that have been mentioned so far, Paranoia is an amazing game - I have many memorable sessions that I have been a part of in that. Regarding Star Wars, I am personally a bigger fan of the West End Games version myself (though that is not to say that the FFG version is no good). Call of Cthulhu is also an incredibly fun game to play, I have only had the privilege to participate in two sessions of it in my time but they were a blast.

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  • Bortas
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    Actually easier to list what I have played: 2nd, 3.5, Pathfinder and Star Wars edge of the empire (one session). I really liked the dice mechanics of the Star Wars game, was a nice swap up.

    I'm itching to play 5th edition.... but so hard to get any games going around here that aren't a 2+ hour (one way) commute.

  • GamingMegaverse
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    Cthulhu for sure- never played, always been curious.

    Just trying to help out.

  • Unknown
    Hmmm, maybe I should work out doing an online Cthulhu session for some folks around here, I have never run a session of it before but I have at least played it and own the core book. Let me chew the idea over here and see if I can come up with an interesting scenario to run through and I'll possibly post something on it here in the near future.
  • NikMak
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    blimey, never played Cthulhuu?! I cant even get my head around that :) when you do get to play it i hope it you enjoy it - when its good, its great!

    Games I want to play and have yet to make time for

    Savage Worlds

    D&D 5e (its been decades since i actually wanted to go back to playing D&D!)

    FATE - I hear good things


    Delta Green

    The Laundry

    Better Angles

    My Life With Master

    Dogs in the Vineyard

    and so many more... I don't suppose any one out there wants to employ me to run/play games full time do they? ;)
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  • Maesenko
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    What haven't I played that I really want to?

    * Vampire: the Masquerade
    * Werewolf: the Apocalypse (and the Forsaken)
    * BESM
    * Pathfinder (Society Play)
    * Legend of the Five Rings
    * Shadowrun
    * HC SVNT DRACONES (Kickstarted into creation, haven't played yet)
    * Ryuutama (Kickstarted into translation, haven't played yet)

    What have I played or started but not really gotten into, and would very much like to have a nice, real, meaty game?

    * Dragon Age RPG
    * D&D 5e
    * Pathfinder
    * Scion
    * FATE


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  • ketherian
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    Hrm. If I stick to just books I own (and haven't played but want to)
    * Serenity RPG (Cortex system). Loved the show, bought the system, but couldn't find a crew - so never flew.
    * Thieves World (d20/pathfinder modified). Loved the books. The game books have been resource material for other games for years (how to build a better thief, tales from the vulgar unicorn, and of course the city of Sanctuary).
    * Usaji Yojimbo. Loved the comics. Not a big fan of rules-lite systems but this is one I'd try.
    * Shadowrun (5th ed). Had a blast with previous versions (especially my police campaign), and enjoyed reading the new rules.
    * Traveller (T5; well I have T4 - but I want to play T5). I've never finished a Traveller game (and not just because it's easy to die in the character generation). T4 with its vampire ships seemed kind of hopeless (played a campaign a la Starlost. Never finished it).
    * Talislantia (still no elves!). I've never played it but there are so very many races that it's another great resource for games.
    * GURPS 5th ed. I have a smattering of books from several versions and use them as resources for other games.

    Games I don't own but want to play:
    * Dragon Age RPG
    * Mouse Guard RPG
    * D&D 5th Ed.

    Otherwise, all it takes is someone saying "hey, lets play X" and I'm pretty much in. I like games with hope (they can be dark, but there must be a purpose that provides hope to them) and that don't have me feeding on humanity (so no CPunk (but Shadowrun is just barely safe), No Vampires (but wherewolves and changeling would be fine), and no evil parties. Some games, like HOL (Human Occupied Landfill) make living a game unto itself. I like playing a hero so I want more than survival, I want a good chance to improve the world rather than just save the last pint of strawberry ice cream from melting (an actual campaign goal for an after the apocalypse survival type game).

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  • Unknown
    @Mae - You have some really good ones on your list there. Vampire: The Masquerade is one of my favorite RPGs, and basically all the players in my troupe are fairly obsessed with that system. I am actually planning a Campaign of that at the moment to run along side my DA:RPG campaign (nice to have a second game to shift gears at times). If I decide to run that one online I will be sure to reach out to you about it and see if we can work you in on it. I really should start some online games since I helped to fund Roll20 and have some stuff on there from that to get me rolling with it faster. Werewolf is also a great game, though very thematically different from Vampire, but a blast to play none-the-less.

    @keth/Mae - Shadowrun is also a really fun system to play, I love Deckers and the Matrix in that system, but it is not one I am altogether great at running and so our troupe doesn't get to play that one often (our old Shadowrun GM seems to have disappeared from the face of the planet). Of course there is also Dragon Age on both your lists, and I obviously have some experience with that (my primary Campaign right now is DA). The mechanics of that system are almost too streamlined, but the foundation that the game is built on is pretty rich and engaging. If you are used to a bit more crunch in your games I would certainly consider kicking in some House Rules to add some more detail to a few areas, and the CRPGs can be a great source of inspiration for such a task. I have been debating also pushing my DA game to an online one, and I will keep you both in mind if the troupe does go that route.
  • pencilneckgeek
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    I've been really curious about Deadlands and about Aces & Eights. I have both but haven't gotten my group as interested in them as I seem to be. I've also been intrigued with the idea of doing a superhero campaign with the FATE Core rules.

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  • Abersade
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    I own but have never played:
    Warhammer 40k: Deathwatch
    Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader
    Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy
    Wraith: The Oblivion

    I own but haven't played in a REALLY long time:
    Just about all of the old World of Darkness stuff really but my "specialty" was running/playing Werewolf: The Apocalypse. As far as that system goes it's been nearly twenty years since I played anything other than a Sabbat Vampire game, and even that was around eleven years ago.
  • Maesenko
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    So I just came across copies of both +Vampire: The Requiem+ and +Werewolf: the Forsaken+ at my local Half Price Books. I think I'll be picking them up (and maybe +World of Darkness: Chicago+) so I can increase my chances of finally playing them.
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  • Maesenko
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    Well, I can add +Vampire: the Requiem+, +Mage: the Awakening+, and +Pirates of the Spanish Main+ to my list now, as well as good old +Ravenloft+, courtesy of a few sales at my FLCS/GS and Half Price Books.

    The backlog continues to grow! Hopefully I can play something at Gen Con.


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  • twiggyleaf
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    I had always wanted to try out *Pendragon* and *Kingmaker* but never really got the chance to.
    However, these days I do prefer to stick to one system, and *Pathfinder* is the one for me at the moment.
    Having played the GoT game, I more or less got the Kingmaker out of my system, so maybe some day, there will still be a Pendragon moment, but I think I will miss the magic and wide scope that comes with games like DnD and Pathfinder, so if it happens, I am pretty sure it will be short-lived.

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  • NikMak
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    @ twiggs - I can not recommend Pendragon highly enough. *** system pause - initiate fanboy gushing mode ****

    I have yet to see another game match the way Pendragon rewards 'Role' playing and characterization that is appropriate to the setting and drives the plot forward (apparently 'mouse guard' does as well, but I have yet to play that, and Chuubo comes close from what little I have seen) If you have the time and finances - play out as much of the pen dragon campaign as you can!

    before people actually settle in and play the game there are often complaints about the idea of 'you can only ever play a knight': Once people start playing the game those complaints vanish very quickly.

    There are also fair criticisms about its 'sexist' attitudes - the setting IS a medieval/dark ages one. I get around that by two methods in game - the player to the right of you plays your 'PCs wife' in game, and they have real power at court :and the player the to the left of you plays your PC knights squire :) by introducing this small element of troop play it adds real richness and depth to the game and strength to female characters. The fact the suddenly everyone at the table will have to play a strong female (N)PC at some point quickly flips the sexism charge on its head.

    The other method is to mess with the genre a little and allow female PC knights, problem solved (though some historical purists don't care for this very much i have found)

    oh yeah, and it takes some getting use to the fact that PC death is not just likely, it is inevitable! The adventures take place over an 80+ year time span and no human being can be an active combatant for that long - especially as the Pendragon combat system tends to go something like this - "you bounce off his armour, you bounce off his armour, critical hit and his head explodes!!!!" (or 'tink, tink, BOOM' as we like to call it) - Once again players adapt to this quite quickly in my experience.

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  • UselessTriviaMan
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    Going with games I own but haven't yet played, I have a couple of campaigns that are just awaiting the opportunity:

    - Mongoose Traveller with a Star Wars re-skin
    - Savage Worlds Fallout game

    I'm pretty excited about both of these, and we'll probably eventually play both. Some day...

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