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Two weeks ago I sent a request to find out how to renew my Ascendant Membership. I understand there was supposed to be a drop-down in the Membership area on my screen, but it is not there. I'd really like to find out how to do this before the account closes down and I lose a ton of work. Assistance please?


  • ketherian
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    I'm just an ascendant member, but when my membership ran out I didn't lose anything. All my sites (more than you get with free) were still available and any CSS coding I did still worked fine.
    I couldn't access my CSS page nor could I edit the older sites (the last one I worked on was still available though). So, there's that at least.

    The help site says that your ascendancy will renew automatically. See here "":

    I can see my membership from the topmost menu. Click on the "Welcome vonmolkew" beside your user icon in the top left side of the screen.
    Select "My ascendant membership" from the dropdown menu.
    On the Membership page you should be able to see your account information and, if necessary, change your payment information.

    I hope this helps.
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  • vonmolkew
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    Thanks for the answer....but my problem is I don't have anywhere on the "My Ascendant Membership" page to make any changes. There is no way for me to access my account -- no drop-downs, no fields to change, no buttons to click.
    I have been given a direct email address to write to, so hopefully the person that I sent to will be able to help me.
  • Adoraith
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    I have the same issue and have contacted them a number of times. If I look at my membership status it tells me that my subscription has ended but I have no way of renewing. Currently I still have access to everything. I just worry about them flipping a switch to fix the issue and losing a bunch of data.
  • Maesenko
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    You should probably PM Jerry.

    Sorry I can't be any more help than that, but I pledged Immortal back in the kickstarter, so all the membership page shows for me is literally "Lifetime Member"



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  • Unknown
    It should look like this for you, I made this for another thread on the same issue:

    "Ascendant Options Screen":

    I hope that helps out.
  • GamingMegaverse
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    Sent you a pm with the best solution.

    Just trying to help out.

  • SkidAce
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    Sadly, I might soon be cut off. I was a PAID Ascendant, and then got extra time from the Kickstarter.

    Here is what I see... "Ascendant Membership":

    No where to check my old credit card info or input new.

    And the silence around here is scaring me. I want to STAY HERE. But I am building a google site to backup my info for the players across the country.

    Help...I like it here.
  • Adoraith
    Posts: 62
    I have no option whatsoever to renew. Just gives me the date everything expires :(
  • Unknown
    For Adoraith, the system is supposed to be set to automatically renew at whatever level you are presently at. You should only have the ability to update payment info, change plan, or cancel your plan. You do not need to do anything if these details are already accurate as the system will automatically renew your membership when the time comes.

    For SkidAce, my understanding of this is that those who got time from backing on the KS do not have an auto renew option, they must let that expire and then simply purchase a normal Ascendant plan. For the period you are not an Ascendant briefly it will not actually break any of the Ascendant features on your pages, you will just lose the ability to edit or modify them until you get your regular plan in place. Other that have experienced this have already confirmed this in other posts on the forums.

    Hope this helps.
  • Adoraith
    Posts: 62
    Well the card I used originally expired and it seems to have bugged out because i have no option to change anything or renew.
  • Unknown
    Ahh, yea, that is sadly a glitch. My guess would be that once it expires you should be able to repurchase as normal. You won't lose any of your Ascendant stuff when it drops, like with SkidAce you just wouldn't be able to edit it until you pick up the new subscription (not the best, since it would be nice for some support on the issue obviously, but it is at least something).
  • Adoraith
    Posts: 62
    Well losing everything was my biggest worry. As long as I dont im good
  • Unknown
    Yea, you should be all good there, others who have had Ascendant expire have confirmed that in other posts. You just can't modify any of that until you purchase again so carry on without fear.
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