SHIMMERING KINGDOMS FATE now up and running!

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Hi Friends,

I finally started my "SHIMMERING KINGDOMS": FATE campaign - It has been in various stages of planning and pre-play for a couple of years. There are still a ton of holes in the WIKI. I will get to them as I have time. Some of the pages link back to an older version (Pathfinder) of the campaign. I am slowly converting the world over to FATE, and I love it.

I'd sure appreciate it if you'd check us out. Faves and feedback are very appreciated. Also, thanks to many of you for your formatting and FATE help. I've had fun putting this one together.

Sadly, my "CRIMSON SKIES": campaign ended prematurely when my fiancée broke it off with me. We'd all been struggling for a while with the game, and everyone was burnt out. A few months have passed and I've moved, regrouped, and have a new game going, sans ex and a few others, but the game looks to prove a lot of fun.


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    Welcome back to the Portal PhoenixMark! Sorry for the ex.

    Just trying to help out.

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    Hi PhoenixMark

    Great to see you getting Shimmering Kingdoms up at last. Such a colourful site with so many aesthetic innovations. You side navigation shields are fantastic and I'm sure you were one of the first people I remember to introduce the custom cursor.

    All my best wishes to Dylan Wood, Father Fredericks, Ronugall Swifttail and Sir Borace Luskin as they survive the Noblesse invasion and make their way through countelss quests. The whole site is beautifully illustrated or should I even say illuminated (in the Medieval sense) that it is just a pure joy to behold.

    Similar commiserations to KVP but .... You just Soldier on....!

    P.S: Don't forget to update your profile!

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    Thanks twigs!

    We play every other week, and I am only 6 weeks behind in posting logs. lol.

    "PhoenixMark": "Shimmering Kingdoms":

    "CRIMSON SKIES": - "COTM June 2012":

    Also "Sactown Blues":
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