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Looking for like minded role-players. We have three gamers and are looking for one or two more to fill out an adventuring party. We are fairly laid back and like a mix of role playing and combat. There are two GMs among our three, but we're open to others running something too.

We plan to start with D&D 5E and once that game gets underway we'll start something to alternate and give the GM the chance to play as he preps the next adventure.

We are looking primarily at every other weekend, likely Sundays. We already have approval to play upstairs at Wegmans in Woodbridge. We are looking for a venue in Fredericksburg so we can alternate (one of our players is from down that way).

If you are interested please respond here https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/110298390646780206459/stream/6ab98d54-0954-4690-bbc9-383d7fa50192, or send me a message.
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