LFP - Oregon / Portland - South of Canby/Wilsonville

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We are looking to start a regular every other week group or so. If your looking for a Group… or to start a group… maybe we can join up! We have a place to play - we just need a few more players.

I DM as well as another friend… we typically rotate DM's through campaign arcs. We have been playing since red box d&d… and we play just about anything. Currently Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (prior version), D&D 3.5 - looking at the newest edition D&D as well. Various off the net games - as well as wanting to try more. .. and a stockpile of unplayed RPG's on the shelf. We also play board games on occasion. We have also played other RPG's in the past (Shadowrun, Firefly, Void, Paranoia …etc)

I'm in Hubbard (south of Canby and Aurora…north of Woodburn - off of I-5 / 99E). All adult players (30's and 40's) - looking for another 2 or 3 players. Wanting a very regular schedule … either every couple weeks - weekly has been discussed as well… depends on schedules of course.

If your interested - let me know


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