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I've been using obsidian portal for about a week and am addicted to the features. I've spent hours on it.

My players feel the same and we would love to add a character journal (We used to do this via email threads)

We love to add some fan fiction to the campaign in downtime once in a while. Is there a way to add another tab along with wiki, characters, adventure log, etc?

I'd like to just have a clone of the adventure log but call it "Character Journals" Is there anyone else that has found an effective way to do this?


  • Maesenko
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    No such luck unfortunately. Your best bet is most likely to either use the Adventure logs with tags to separate them into fanfiction/side stories, or to do the same but as a Wiki page.

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  • Bortas
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    Not a pre-built function, but I typically use a wiki page for it. Roughly speaking, you open the general wiki, and a section off of that is Journals, a section off of that is for each character, and then each characters can be divided into chapters, or just on the one page, depending on length.

    Glad to see others do this too!

  • Glistam_
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    In my last campaign I organized all my character journals in a wiki, but I encourage the players of my current game to make them as adventure logs now. The difference is that people can comment on the adventure logs but not the wikis. For either method, we'd make a wiki page that has links to the individual journal entries, and then link to those pages from the character pages.

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  • MachineGunHarry
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    There is a way...I have seen some campaigns be able to change the wording of the tabs. You can also take away certain tabs, so I can't see why you can't add one too. Furthermore, you can also make one 9f the tabs re-direct to a new sub-landing page. So with all of this is should be possible to hack a Character Journal page that leads to a landing page created within a wiki. From there you would have to build and maintain the list. The trick is knowing the specific ID function that handles those tabs. Let me do some digging to see if there is an existing campaign with some of these criteria. Though, it seems like you still will have A LOT of work maintaining those Journals. It won't be just as easy as the Adventure Logs, where your players write it submit it and you are done! They will have to write it, then added that wiki page to your growing list on the new sub-landing page of the Journal page....Is that the work you are looking for? If not, Glistam's solution using the tag "Character Journal maybe more appropriate.

    If you still don't mind doing all this work of maintaining the Journals, shoot me a message and I do some digging to find where you can start looking.

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