Night Life Local Game Looking for a few new players.

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Looking for a few new players for the group. Not all players are showing up all the time so I would like to find a few that will. We play in roseville, MI.

Game System Nightlife.
RPG Experience: None needed, Just a williness to learn
Rating: 16+
Genre : Urban Fantasy\Modern Horror.

The players Play monsters. Those monsters that were born out of the fears of mankind. The purpose of the game system is to control the monster with in. Now this does not stop you from using your supernatural powers just that there are a price if you abuse them. Just about any classic monster is in the game or can be made. The game it self takes place in 2013 New Orleans. The group is brought together to research a possible cure for being a monster. Is it true. No one knows. The trail starts almost 150 years ago.

If you ware intrested or would just like to know more please let me know.
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