"Dodge the Rain" SHADOWRUN 4th Edition Campaign -LFP

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"Dodge the Rain (Runnin' in the Shadows)":https://shadowrun-dodge-the-rain.obsidianportal.com/wikis/home-page

Shadowrun 4th Edition Campaign
Shadowrunners arrive in Ohio to find out biz is booming! Literally, as in exploding. With all of the gangs blowing wiz-looking architecture apart, you are sent in to clean house for the newest gang to take control of the streets. You thought leaving Seattle was a ticket to milk runs? Puh-leeze, more like ticket into getting your fraggin' face knocked around. Ohio may not seem the place you would expect to find serious nuyen or reliable work for a Shadowrunner. However, in the shadows, every runner knows nothing is as it appears.

Maybe it is the promise of a new start, or perhaps the upfront payment of 1,000 nuyen to check things out. Whoever is funding this little operation sure knows how to grab a Runner's attention, and one thing is for sure, it would sure be nice to dodge the Seattle rain for a bit.


  • Joettle
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    Hi MisterRee, is this a local game or pbp? I haven't played much shadowrun, but I've been wanting to for awhile.
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