Hello to all from the bluegrass state

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Hello to everyone, long time Dungeon and Game Master here. I started role playing in the early 90s with D&D 2nd ed. Played or ran everything at one time or another, D&D 2nd -5th (didn't play 4th), Pathfinder, Mutants and Masterminds, and Cyberpunk just to name a few.


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    Welcome travcor! Or judging from your profile's signup date, welcome back!

    How is 5th edition D&D treating you so far?

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    I have been a member for a while now. Figured I would use OP to get my game more organized. I as a DM I am enjoying 5th ed and so are most of my players. Combats are fast and I feel every class is well built. We finished finished Rise of the Rune lords not long ago and its taken a bit for my players to adjust to 5ed being less tactical. I will say this, I feel more imaginative and enthusiastic with my game now then I did before.
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    Hi travcor and welcome

    I have only played one game of DnD 5e but it seemed cool. Many of the things seemed to be streamlined from the old 3.5. Am currently using Pathfinder and have invested fairly heavily in this since the demise of 3.5 publications but will already be instituting new 5e rules into my Pathfinder games.

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    The investment in Pathfinder(time and Money was also a factor for us. Everyone liked the D&D Next campaign before diving into the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary edition adventure path. After a year of that adventure path, a grind after 12th level. I was looking for something different. Then 5e released.
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    Hi Travcor! Welcome to the boards, and let us know if there is anything we can do for you!
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    Just trying to help out.

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    Welcome! I'm itching to try 5e, but my regular gaming group isn't interested, so trying to expand my gaming friends list!

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