Campaign of the Year - Tyellador

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Don't know if this is being done this year but anyone voting should look at Thorvaldr's campaign "Tyellador": not only is it awesome but Thor helped a ton of folks during the Reforge.

"A Manifestation of Chaos":
COTM - Sept. 2012


  • Bortas
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    Here here!

  • killervp
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    Thorvaldr was an a massive help at the Reforge- agreed- ant Tyellador is a great campaign!

    Just trying to help out.

  • Meagoinc
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    I've been away too long (had a bit of a rough 6 months), and I peeked back after getting some ticket notifications... and you guys just made my day. Such a nomination means a lot coming from you four!! I'm going to go tell Thorvaldr-- he'll be pleased as punch. :P

    Thanks a heap for the kind accolades, whether we get it or not, guys-
  • Leonidas300
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    Vote for Thor "Here":

    "A Manifestation of Chaos":
    COTM - Sept. 2012
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