An Adventure in Game Design

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Well, it has been quite a while since I lurked this site. Some of you may remember me as the Owner/DM of the "Autumn Dragons": campaign. Shortly after receiving CotM in August 2013, I pursued a new venture into the world of game design.

I adopted an adventure RPG that had been in development from 1999 until 2009 called Hero6. It is a fan game derivative of the classic adventure RPG, "Quest for Glory": . If you're not familiar, it was an attempt to create a D&D-like roleplaying game for the PC in 1989. There were five games in the series - Hero6 was intended to be its spiritual successor.
10 years of development by a team of college students brought it from concept to demo, but not much further. Over the last year, myself and a few others have revitalized the project on a "new website": , launched an "open source development portal": , and refactored the majority of code.

Our development has hit a critical evolution where we must improve and finalize the game design document. A game design document is much like a combination of campaign settings and campaign modules. Put simply, if it's not in the game design document, it doesn't make it into the game.
We hosted a current copy of the document in Google Docs, but it occurred to me that Obsidian Portal makes for a much more appropriate setting for developing this content (a wiki is almost always better than a wall of text).

I've begun to construct my Hero6 campaign, but what I'd like to know is if anyone would like to contribute? Our project is open source and anyone is welcome to contribute. Contributors would be listed in the game credits.

If you're interested, you can direct message me on OP or email me at "[email protected]":mailto:[email protected] .

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