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First I would like to say how funny it is that I joined this site in 2011 yet this is my first post on it... lawl. AAAAANYWHO I'm looking to start a group or join a group for WoD. Right off the bat I'll say that this will be my first game. However, I do have experience in table top RPGs (used to play a lot of D&D 3.5 and d10 is a lot less complicated). Of course need a story teller and at least one seasoned vet because A) it's nice to have a little more experienced perspective in a game and B) I need some help doing some crazy @$$ $#!* with character creation (just got ALL the books). I'm fine with either online play or in person. If online, I have AIM (because of the dice roller) or skype. If in person, I'm in the San Diego area. My schedule is fairly flexible, but we can work out the logistics of the where/when once we get the group together. PM me if you have any questions or concerns or, hey, if you decide you wanna join up! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA... but seriously lemme know.


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    Welcome to the forums BKrOn I suggest you try "Looking For Games":http://forums.obsidianportal.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=1527&page=1 . This has links to a number of suggestions, including pen and paper games. I have found players for my game at pen and paper myself.

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    Just trying to help out.

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    Hi BKrOn

    I am a table top only dude in Glasgow, Scotland so would not be a suitable hookup but I wish to say hello, welcome the the Forum, and hope you continue to enjoy your time here.

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