Unconquered Kingdoms Adventure Logs

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In this adventure, our "heros" set of for Fire Geyser Plateau to investigate ogre siteings in the area. If the ogres are moving units around up there, then the kingdoms can relocate their units for extra defense. If its a bluff...then the kingdoms of Falconaire will be greatly undefended.

But ogres are too stupid to bluff...right?

"Blood of the Throne":https://unconquered-kingdoms.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/the-blood-of-thrones

I've decided since fans can't read the forums, where the adventure is updated daily, that I would post the adventure logs here.

Caution, they are draft, after I create them the "Archivist" of the campaign goes through for typos and such. And eventually we will put the battlemaps and the pictures in the logs from the forums.

"Blood of the Throne" is the most recent adventure, with links to different parts on the main page listed above.


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