Recruiting Players for "1A: The Inheritance" 1st/2nd Ed D&D Game from Mischief, Inc!!!

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Ok, I have set up a game of "1A: The Inheritance", on the maker's, Mischief, Inc. own forum!

Now, here is chance to get involved playing a Play-By-Post 1st/2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons game!!!

There are 2 Player Character Slots Left!

No experience or knowledge of the game needed to play, I will help you with the gameplay!!!

Let me know you can play & i will help you get things set-up!!!

Plot Synopsis:

Family friend, and great adventurer Gildas Trahern is dead.
The journey to Caer Brennau to attend his funeral was pleasant enough and uneventful, but who could have predicted what would happen next?
Raiding goblins, and thieving kobolds are just the beginning, but when the dragon Galversharn attacks it becomes a race against time to return
what was stolen before Caer Brennau is razed to its foundations and every last man, woman and child killed in draconic wrath!

To save Caer Brennau will take courage, fortitude and wisdom.
The path will be long and fraught with much peril.
Can a party of strangers work together long enough to complete the tasks before them?
Is any inheritance worth all this?

Player Characters in the game will be:

Cleric - Played by Bjorn
Druid - Kasae - Female sylvan elf - Played by Kasae
Paladin - - Uyarak The Abandoned - Played by XIII
Fighter - Played by FronkyDondo
Monk - Drex - Human Male - Played by Cwreando
Thief - Played by Verdac
Wizard - Played by ahddm

The Play-by-Post Game forum is here:

Register on Here to play:

For the Dice Roller we will be using the Unseen Servant's at this location so register on here, the Campaign ID NUMBER is 212:

You can PM me Here as well:;u=4

Game Module Information:


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