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Hi I like to play video and table top games . I haven't been able to play aloy of table top rpgs lately but i love the whole idea of it. Iam very creative and have a very active imagination. Im hoping too find a campaign for DND I can join. Imoriginally from the midwest so I dont know az well but its all good. K well yall take care , peace love and sunflowers , later


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    Howdy and welcome! A good place to start might be the "Games Nearby area": on Obsidian Portal. To the bottom-right of this map you'll see a checkbox that says "Looking for Players only". Give that a click, and zoom into the area where you live. In theory, those campaigns are looking for players. You can always search through them, if there's one that you like you could message the DM.

    Another option would be to visit a looking gaming store and inquire within, or checking out "dnd.meetup": I've never used that service... but it seems to be along the lines of what you're looking for!

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    Hi Tina

    I think Thorvaldr's ideas are good and I can confirm that when our group broke up a couple of years ago, the remainder of us used a MEETUP site to meet new players and we now have a better group than ever, playing in the heart of Glasgow, Scotland once a week.

    I also wanted to welcome you to Obsidian Portal and hope you will be able to continue to use the site as you start playing. Good luck!

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