Seekings for Adventurer's (aka Players) in South Florida

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Greetings All,
A group of Roleplayers in the South Florida (to be more specific within the Miami-Dade Homestead area) has just started a Friday nights adventure and we are seeking a few more to join us upon our misadventures.

About Us: A few good friends, a Roleplaying game, and the desire to share in telling stories of mythological proportions. What else needs to be said?

What You Should Know: We are a group which likes to value everyone's opinion upon what we decide to play. If the current game we play is tantalizing to all members then we just continue playing, but should the itch to try something different ever arise we like to accommodate. Currently we are playing D&D 4.0E -I am running through some published adventures I own- yet once the endeavor is over or a desire to continue unto other systems resonates with everyone at the table we shall move unto something else -which hasn't been decided as of yet. We are easy-going, but do have a desire to experience some epic storytelling, character development, and adventuring. So if you're looking to just chill-and-chat we might not be the group for you. As for everything else about us check us out at to get an idea of who we are.

Friday Nights @ 7:00PM
Miami-Dade/Homestead, Florida

If interested please feel free to message me.

Thank you,

-Alex R.
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