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So when I add (in this case) a BLACK background, my entire body of text gets shifted right and everything else (the side info from OP like updates and by who, gets put beneath.

The text is:

or even:

Is there a way to put a colored background behind the text without causing this 'shift' ?


  • SkidAce
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    I believe that happens when you forget to close the div

  • MachineGunHarry
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    I think SkidAce has your answer. But for sake of clarity, as it may not be self-evident here is what he is saying:

    Every tag needs to have a closing tag () at the end of the function code. Meaning, after all you page's text and images, place a closing tag. This goes for ALL you tags you have created. Wolfhound's tutorial found on his Dresden Files Dallas explains this very well. He asks you to think about each as a nesting box that fits inside of one another. Though in some cases you may have two or three boxes sitting right next to each other, all inside another bigger box. Each need to have a beginning tag and an ending tag. This is how order is maintained.

    What's probably happening is that your program is telling the computer to put your text after the background, because your text must not be 'inside' that nesting box. If you have a closing tag, then make sure it comes after you text you wish to lay on top of it. Else ensure there IS a closing tag.
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