Any Play-by-post campaigns recruiting?

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Hi, I am interested in joining a fantasy campaign (system is not important) - anyone have any holes in their campaigns that needs an active player (I will post daily if the campaign calls for that).



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    You can check out my game here, i need 7 more players!

    Ok, I have set up a game of [b]"1A: The Inheritance"[/b], on the maker's, [b]Mischief, Inc.[/b] own forum!

    Now, here is chance to get involved playing a Play-By-Post 1st/2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons game!!!

    There are 7 Player Character Slots Left!

    No experience or knowledge of the game needed to play, I will help you with the gameplay!!!

    Let me know you can play & i will help you get things set-up!!!

    Also, I am looking to see if we can complete this game in an [b]actual 12 Days[/b]!!!

    Player Characters in the game will be:

    Druid - Kasae - Female sylvan elf - Played by Kasae
    Monk - Drex - Human Male? - Played by Cwreando

    The Play-by-Post Game forum is here:

    Register on Here to play:

    For the Dice Roller we will be using the Unseen Servant's at this location so register on here, the Campaign ID NUMBER is 212:

    You can PM me Here as well:

    Game Module Information:
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