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Hi :) I´m a 23 year old German Roleplayer. I started Pathfinder a while ago and now i try to find a group to gets ome games down. I consider myself a noob because i havent played all that much. I would join any game i´m allowed to, no matter what system or setting. My personal "Games i so badly want to try" are Shadowrun and Cyberpunk. I´m mainly looking for an online game because that would allow me to interact with people all over the world

Hope i get some invites :)


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    Welcome to the portal, German Killua! I suggest you try "Looking For Games": . This has links to a number of suggestions, including pen and paper games. I have found players for my game at pen and paper myself.
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    Just trying to help out.

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    Hi welcome, German_Killua

    Killervp's suggestion is great and between that and your ad here, I hope you find what you are looking for. I play tabletop in Scotland but I wanted to also welcome you to Obsidian Portal and hope, not only that you find the game you are looking for, but that you are also able to use this very great forum for your games and RPG discussion.

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    Thank you for the warm welcome :) As soon as i have stories to tell or RPG´s to discuss i will :)

    With the suggestions (specially that pen and paper website)..yeah that wont work.

    Pen and Paper is not that big in Germany, hell even finding books can be a real pain. Not to mention that most books are not even bothered to be translated. So finding a group close to me is kinda pointless most of the time. And even for that i would visit German websites where the chances of a Registration of other people is more likely.

    So for the time being my best option is to throw out my net pretty wide including the search for an online group.

    But thanks anyway :=)
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