Anyone else having issues with search results nesting horribly?

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I do a fair amount of formatting for each of my pages. I'm finding that search results are pulling the top few characters (maybe around 255?), it parses the content and then blows out all of the formatting leaving a jumbled mess of results.

This is leaving the searching (especially by tag) pretty much unusable for my campaign. Wondering if I'm the only one or if there's something I'm missing.


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    You are not the only one. If you have any custom coding it blows it up.
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    Just trying to help out.

  • Dethstryke
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    I'm finding that it happens primarily if you lead with HTML code; I found them the most if the top of the page starts with and HTML tags. If error handling looked for and closed any open tags from each result that would probably solve the nesting issue... I've been able to alleviate the problem by starting pages with either an image header ( don't need closing) or using Textile.

    Interestingly, it doesn't appear to have this issue with DIV tags in Log posts. Only the wiki pages start the madness. Log posts will get caught up in the fun if they show up later in results.
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