Creation of Remotely Playing Group for Dungeons and Dragons Edition 3.5 mixed with some Pathfinder

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Hello Interested Party Members,

I am a DM that has refined my gamining system so that it can be played remotely from anywhere as long as you have the following tools:

1. Internet Access
2. Access to Filemaker Go 12 or higher on an iPAD or Filemaker Pro 12 or higher on any computer platform
3. Access to MapTools freeware on
4. Able to commit to a once a month committment with the possibility of more or less depending on the group and the scheduling.

I have developed a system where basic mathmatically changes to a characters stats based on effects are automated leaving the focus on gameplay and storylines. Though the system is based on created databases and mapping software it is not a video game and still has the old Dungeons and Dragon's style and feel. No knoweldge of the Dungeons and Dragon's version is necessary as the rules are built into the character sheet.

I am lookng to create a remotely playing group to provide a fun and unique gaming experience based on the 3.5 Edition mixed with some alternative resources.


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